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Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe's political party, ZANU-PF, voted to oust him from his position as leader on Sunday afternoon, according to several news reporters at the meeting. The move looks set to bring an end to his 37-year grip on power in the country.

The party's Central Committee announced that Mugabe must resign by noon, otherwise they would formally begin the impeachment process, according to the AP.

The historic moment came the day after thousands of Zimbabweans took to the streets demanding that the 93-year-old leader step down, after a week of political turmoil brought on by his abrupt dismissal of the vice president.

ZANU-PF reportedly reinstated that same vice president, Emmerson Mnangagwa, to lead the party in the interim period, according to the BBC and other outlets.

One delegate at the emergency meeting of the party's Central Committee told Reuters, “He has been expelled. Mnangagwa is our new leader.”

Although the move has yet to be formalized, the result of the vote was reportedly greeted with cheering, and the BBC's correspondent tweeted a video of celebrations .

BBC News and AP also reported that Mugabe's wife Grace, who has been accused of positioning herself as her husband's successor, has been expelled from ZANU-PF altogether and is being recalled as head of the party's women's league.

President Mugabe will meet with senior members of the military on Sunday as they seek to reach an agreement over his departure from power.

The southern African nation was plunged into crisis earlier this week after the army took over the country and placed Mugabe under house arrest.

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