Twitter is testing an advertising subscription service that automatically promotes advertisers' tweets and profiles for $99 per month.

The service, if successful, could provide Twitter with a source of recurring revenue it can count on each month.

Twitter can certainly use the money. Even though the company beat analyst expectations for revenue and profitability in its second quarter earnings filing on Thursday, Wall Street was still not satisfied with its performance and dropped its stock 14%.

The subscription program is geared towards small- and medium-sized business, for whom the process of building out ad campaigns can be daunting. Twitter spoke directly to this audience in the copy on the program's landing page:

"We’ve developed a way for you to grow your following and have your Tweets reach more people without creating ads or managing campaigns," it said.

A Twitter spokesperson confirmed the test in a message to BuzzFeed News Friday morning.

While running a manual ad Twitter campaign would give advertisers more control over where their ads appear, choosing the automated option won't necessarily lead to a change in exposure per dollar spent, according to a Twitter spokesperson.

Tweets promoted with this product will be labeled like any other promoted tweet on the platform. Twitter will provide advertisers with a "report card" each week letting them know how many followers their $99 helped them accrue, along with some other stats.

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