Today, a massive, fake Google Docs phishing scheme spread across the internet.


The attack worked by sending people emails that imitated how Google emails look when people share real Google Documents with each other. But in this case, the links were from a replica of Google Docs — and if you clicked on them and granted the app permission to access your account, the attack then spammed everyone on your contact list with requests to share more fake Google Docs.

If you've already clicked on a spam link, go to your Google account permissions and revoke access for "Google Docs." The real Google Docs doesn't appear individually in that permissions list since it's part of Google Drive, so you won't be interfering with any of your real work.

After the initial panic subsided, people came up with some jokes.

If this kind of email hack sounds familiar, may I present to you several jokes at the Democratic National Committee's expense:

And if you've seen that one episode of Black Mirror, this tweet has you shook:

No one's yet claimed responsibility for the hack, but at the end of the day, it's obvious who's really behind it.

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