It’s just a really good time to consider getting the bibimbap, the McRib, the epic burger, and the Indian buffet.

And they had some delicious ideas. Like, worthy-of-being-the-last-thing-you-ever-do ideas.

Here's what they said:

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The Burnt End Burger from a restaurant called Q39 in Kansas City. Imagine the best burger possible topped with tender, juicy burnt ends and bbq sauce. I’m dying. Add some sweet potato fries and mac and cheese for sides. Then a huge bowl of ice cream that had both cookies and cream and rocky road. I could die happy.


I developed a wheat allergy when I was 15. If I had to choose a final meal, I'd say screw it and eat artichoke ravioli from this Italian restaurant in my town, and like, two dozen donuts. If I'm gonna die, I might as well die happy.


I lost my dad in the Spring of 2012, but there’s nothing I wouldn’t do to have one more bowl of his flavorful and experimental seafood gumbo, full of crab, sausage, Tony Chacere’s, and mini squid. I also swear to everyone that I meet that my nana makes the world’s best potato salad!

So my last meal would be seafood gumbo and potato salad with a big glass of my dad’s favorite beer, Shiner Bock.


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I would want to have IHOP breakfast for my last meal, not only because it's undeniably the most delicious breakfast food in all the land, but because the most important moments in my friendship and now relationship with my girlfriend were at IHOPs in the middle of the night. We went to IHOP after every concert when we were just friends, on what we didn't realize at the time were dates, and those conversations shaped our relationship. I'm honestly probably going to propose at an IHOP with the ring inside a pancake or something, just to bring it full circle. Every time we eat at IHOP on purposeful dates now, my heart is full.


A McDonald’s McRib with a Shamrock Shake. You can never get that at the same time!!


My final meal would be a southern Thanksgiving feast with all my family’s traditional recipes: deep fried turkey, spiral ham, chicken salad, pimento cheese, Cornbread Dressing with the cranberry sauce that comes out in the shape of the can.


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I would have my mom's homemade pizza with a glass of Coke. Typical weekend food when visiting my mom as a kid.


Bone marrow with garlic toast, mashed potatoes with gravy, roasted Brussels sprouts, popover rolls, chocolate lava cake, peanut butter pie, and a banana split.

I realize this seems like a lot but I'm pregnant.


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She-crab soup, medium rare steak, roasted broccoli, red skin mashed potatoes, a pound of crab legs, and a caramel brûlée latte.


My grandma’s stir-fried rice with eggs and shallots, with a side of pickled cabbage. Maybe I will add a simple bowl of tofu soup with tomato and spring onion. She made it for me as breakfast before I left the house for school for years, and now it’s imprinted in my mind as the flavor of home.

And if I can be greedy for once, I will ask for a hot dark and thick chocolate cup, with a scoop of matcha ice-cream. Not the one with mild matcha flavor, but the intense version of it, please!


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Mine is mainly sentimental and nostalgic. So it would be my mom's homemade spaghetti and my dad's barbecued steak, with garlic bread and a Caesar salad on the side. And my mom's apple crisp for dessert.


Just a bunch of bread. Baguettes, rolls, croissants, challah, all of it. I can drift off into carb bliss before I leave this mortal world.


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A lifetime supply of jellybeans.


I'm a pretty indecisive person, so for my final meal, I'd probably make it a combination of my favorite foods for each type of meal (breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, beverage).

That would be corned beef hash from a can with two eggs over hard, tamago nigiri (a type of sushi made from a sweet egg omelette), and a side salad with ginger dressing, four cheese risotto, a hot fudge sundae with cake batter ice cream and chocolate covered strawberries, and an iced vanilla latte to wash it all down.


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I am flying to Singapore (I’m in Australia) and getting the xiao long bao, fried pork chop, and egg fried rice and a bowl of wonton soup from the Din Tai Fung at Paragon on Orchard Road because it is my all time favourite meal and it is the first place I had it. Afterwards I would have a Venti iced chocolate with a shot of mint syrup and extra whipped cream from Starbucks, and a chocolate praline pop rocks cake and Sailor Mary Gin from 2 a.m. Dessert Bar to finish.


I would have sushi, shrimp tacos, a burrito, pasta, quinoa salad, cheesecake, chocolate cake, fondue, cupcakes, baklava, andddd that would be all.


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Chicken pot pie, Dr. Pepper, and Santa’s thumbprint cookies.


Three carne asada tacos from Mike’s Taco Club at Ocean Beach in San Diego, Junior’s cheesecake from NYC, and a bag of chocolate covered raisins.


A Ben and Jerry’s One Sweet World ice cream sandwich with ciabatta as the bread.


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Baked Camembert with crusty bread, Brie, and cranberry phyllo parcels. ALL THE CHEESE! Yes!


Indian buffet and a mimosa not in a flute. Put that thing in a pint glass!


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Lobster mac and cheese, French fries, ice cream.


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The most peanut-buttery peanut butter and apple sandwich in the world.


Paprikash. It’s a traditional German/Hungarian stew with chicken drumsticks, potatoes, and dumplings. My dad always made this for me when I’d come home from boarding school/university.


I’m vegetarian but for my last meal I’d have ribs as well as an entire cheesecake and a large Diet Coke.


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Milk and cookies! Pounds and pounds of chocolate chip cookies and Oreos and I would put some of them in a bowl with milk and eat the rest dry.


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Korean bibimbap and soondubu with a tall glass of sparkling pink lemonade on the side. For dessert, a chocolate chip ice cream sandwich and some shave ice.


If I had to choose my last meal then it would have to be a four cheese pizza from the best pizza place in Italy and a large bowl of mac and cheese from again the most famous place in Italy for that dish. Then a large glass of root beer to top it off.


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The entire Cheesecake Factory menu just so I can try a bite of everything.


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I think about this a lot. Buttermilk Fried Chicken from Bahama Breeze and a Frosty from Wendy's.


A slice of cheese pizza from Two Boots pizza in NYC, and a side of brown rice from Chipotle, along with a strawberry smoothie from anywhere.


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In-N-Out, no contest.


I would want a whole Costco sheet cake. That is all I could possibly ask for.


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Large movie theater popcorn and a Coke from McDonalds!


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Well, butter chicken with naan, vinegar onions and paneer tikka! Oh...and gulab jamun for dessert! #fullonindianbaby


I am deathly allergic to shellfish, plus I’m a longtime vegetarian, my dying wish is to go to a crawfish boil as I’ve never tried it and it’s always been a dream of mine.


Caldo de queso, it's a Mexican soup from my hometown, and no one on this earth will ever make it as delicious as my mom does. That, a nice Malbec, and Nutella straight out of the jar for dessert.


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Nachos with fake-as-fuck nacho cheese.


Icelandic haggis with sugar and mashed potatoes with milk to drink.


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A big plate of corned beef, potatoes, and cabbage with a large bowl of my father's homemade chicken matzah ball soup. A side of half-sour pickles from the barrels at Shop Rite. To drink: A Shirley Temple with a lime on the side. For dessert: fresh baked peanut butter chocolate swirl cookies from my grandma's kitchen. And if I’m still hungry, some Ben and Jerry’s mint cookie crunch ice cream.

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