That annoying red line you get on your stomach after sitting all day.

1. Your tights actually stay up because you can pull them up over your little tummy.

2. Low-cut clothes, however, aren't really your friend…

3. ...especially when your undies slip down under your waistband and you feel half naked all day.

4. You don't need to worry about a weird-looking belly button though, because it's probably hidden.

5. And you have definitely experienced that weird gap you get at the top of a skirt that goes above your belly button.

6. As well as that annoying red line jeans leave on your stomach after sitting all day.

Crystal Ro / BuzzFeed

7. It's actually nice to rest your hand on your stomach when lounging on the sofa — you can even rest stuff on there, like plates (yes, I have tried this).

8. Tummy sweat though, ugh!

9. When you do a sit-up your tummy folds inwards in this funny way.

10. You know that weird feeling when you really slouch and your boobs touch your belly.

11. You have to hoist your jeans up over your belly every time you sit. Every. Time.

12. And high-waisted jeans are either amazing or make you look like you’re wearing diapers

13. When you lie on your back though, your tummy looks oddly flat…

14. …but then you turn on your side and suddenly it’s ALL there.

Crystal Ro / BuzzFeed

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