Genius tips from people who are going through it, too.

Here are their best tips for self-soothing, self-care, and coping day-to-day with PTSD.

Remember: These aren't meant to be medical recommendations, but they're tactics that have worked for others and might work for you, too. Be sure to work with a professional to find the best methods for you.

Wrap yourself up in a soothing, weighted blanket.

Wrap yourself up in a soothing, weighted blanket.

"I got it while in treatment and I never sleep without it. The pressure is so comforting and really helps me to stay in the moment."


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"I have a group of five people that I fall back on when I'm having bad days or panic attacks. The group knows the full story of what happened and have willingly volunteered to help me out. It's nice to know that even if person one and person two are busy, I still have people three through five left to help me out in tough situations."


"I live with complex PTSD, meaning that there wasn't one traumatic event in my life or a stark 'before' and 'after.' I was in therapy and on medication, and was really good at self-soothing through my flashbacks. But I was also determined to do it all by myself. It was only when I finally told my best friend about some of the things in my childhood that still affected me to this day, and about the fact that I deal with C-PTSD, a weight was lifted off me."

—Anonymous, via email

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