“I still can’t forgive you for making me puke Panera mac and cheese.”

Here's what they said:

"Dear Migraine,

I am amazed by your ability to find the keys to my head even though I try to keep it locked from you. Now I know that you are the best at it. So you can stop showing me that you are the best at it. I believe you."


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"Dear Migraine,

Can you please give me more then three consecutive days without you? I know my head is just the greatest place to hang out but you know, you really don't have to be there ALL THE GODDAMN TIME. Go take a nice walk on the beach or through the park or, you know, by a landfill filled with bright lights and incredibly loud sounds. That works too. Just give me the ability to actually go to work so my boss doesn't fire me for calling in sick so much. The ability to make plans in advance and then actually follow through with them. I'm not asking for much really. Just some goddamn peace.

Sincerely yours (since you won't leave me alone),

"Dear Migraine,

Shame on you for ruining my life a few times a month. Why are you so evil that you have to hit me when i'm about to do something fun and exciting that I was looking forward to for a while? I lay in bed, staring at the ceiling, in the pitch black dark, cursing you and your powers. When you first entered my life, I was so scared and felt so alone while everyone around me was fine and carried on throughout their days, leaving me and my thoughts alone in the dark.

Migraine, you should know that you should have never entered my head, let alone take over my vision and, sometimes, entire body.

Good thing I have my partner in crime, Triptan, AKA my only power against you.

One more thing: I will never forgive you for interrupting my listening to the Hamilton soundtrack multiple times."


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