“I hope they don’t notice the ingrown hairs.”

1. These are always the longest two minutes in the history of mankind.

2. Would it be weird if I ask, "so whaddaya think, doc, everything all right in there?"

3. "I wonder if they appreciate my bikini wax? I hope they don't notice the ingrown hairs."

4. Hmmm, I'm pretty sure this is the only situation more embarrassing than getting the wax job.

5. It's funny how they tell you that "you're going to feel a slight discomfort," as if it's all been a relaxing massage up until now.

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6. It's funny that we pretend this cute little disposable smock helps us preserve our dignity during the 10-foot walk between the bathroom and the examination table, only to spread our legs wide open once we get there.

7. No one has ever been able to maintain their dignity wearing this thing, tbh.

8. Putting up with all this AND freezing your ass off? It's like a sick joke.

9. I've already counted every spot on the ceiling. What do I do to entertain myself now?

10. Jeez, are they putting a hydraulic jack in there?!

11. I complain, but of course, I KNOW it's important to get exams and all that.


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