“So I had to pull my used tampon out of my dog’s butt.”

When I first got my dog, I had a regular trash can in the bathroom. That changed really quickly after one of our walks when I realized she was taking an unusually long time to poop because she was pooping out one of my used tampons! The string was too thin for her to push out, so I had to pull my used tampon out of my dog's butt.
—Rachel Ward, Facebook

Netflix / Via giphy.com

When I was 10, my mom offered to help me use my first tampon, but I was too stubborn and embarrassed to get help. She told me to "just put it in the hole!" So, I sat in front of a mirror and painfully put it in the only hole I saw. I immediately was in A LOT of pain! Turns out I put the tampon in my butt!!! I had to soak in the bath for a while before taking it out, which was incredibly painful. It took me years before I had the courage to try using a tampon again. Tough times.
—Brittney Biasi, Facebook

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