Always trust your belly buzzer / spidey sense / bullshit meter.

Jared Oriel for BuzzFeed News

Here are the stories they shared:

"I went on a date with a Tinder boy who wasn't my type. (I wanted to give it a shot, try and be open minded.) As soon as I walked out my front door and saw him in person, I was immediately turned off and knew I wasn't interested in him.
We went on the date; I didn't feel right backing out at that point. So I played it very uninterested on the date. He kept pursuing me afterwards, and I, repeatedly, clearly, refused him at least four times.

A couple weeks later, I was talking to a friend at the other local school, and mentioned a bad Tinder date I went on with ____. My friend looked at me and repeated his name for verification (it was a pretty uncommon one). We looked him up on Facebook to confirm we were talking about the same person... He had three sexual assault complaints against him."


"I'm a nurse. I had a patient who was doing great after a relatively minor surgery and was set to be discharged the next day. I just had a bad feeling about it ever since my shift started. I kept checking in on him and he said he was completely fine. He went for a walk around the unit with the help of an aid. I offered to walk him myself. Glad I did. The guy passed out just as he was getting back to his room and was in a very serious and dangerous heart rhythm. If I wasn't there, we might not have been able to save him the way we did!"


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