There will be scalp burns.

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In high school, I got my hair done at my stylist's apartment instead of the salon, which I had done multiple times before. Everything was going well until her ex-husband came over. At first they were just talking, but then they were super flirtatious. She pulled him into her bedroom, and after hearing some pretty loud moans I knew they weren't just “talking” anymore. After about 30 minutes they came out, both looking very happy, and she just kept working on my hair like nothing happened.

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In 8th grade, I went to get my hair straightened because I was playing Clara in The Nutcracker. For starters, the stylist was running late. When she finally started doing my hair, it felt like my forehead was burning, but I didn't say anything because I didn't want her to think I was soft-headed. She finished straightening the strand, and then tapped my forehead with her long-ass tacky French tip and asked me if it hurt. I said "yeah." SHE KEPT DOING MY HAIR!

I left the salon with a large black burn mark that stung like a bitch. When I tried to cover it with makeup for the show, it hurt event more and the skin started cracking off. The worst part is that the spot still stings whenever I sweat and is slightly darker than the rest of my forehead.

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