From people who’ve managed to quit the habit.

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"My journey with stopping nail biting was a weird one. I firstly watched nail art videos on YouTube which inspired me to actually grow my nails which eventually stopped me biting them. When they grew long, I'd give myself a nice little manicure and then cut them whenever I thought I was in a potential biting mood. Nothing special but that's my way haha. WATCH NAIL ART VIDEOS PEOPLE." – foridak

"I used to be a HUGE nail biter. What worked for me, personally, was that I spent hours doing a nail art design and then I felt too bad to ruin it. Now my nails are long and beautiful and I've never been happier!" – tiffyknox

"I was a thumb sucker from infancy, and when my parents finally broke me of that at age 5, I immediately transferred over to nail biting. I would bite every nail down to the quick, so they would literally bleed on top from how short they were. When I went to get acrylics for my wedding, my nail lady had a really hard time, because my nailbeds were sunken in because of how short they were. This is just to give you an idea of the severity of my habit, and the damage I did to myself. I managed to get the acrylics, with a lot of hard work from her. If I had acrylics on, I wouldn't bite, but when I could no longer afford them, then I was back to biting, and even worse than before, because of how thin/damaged the acrylics made them.

My prompt for biting was the jagged edges, and they could never grow out, because every time they'd start, there'd be an edge I could feel, and zonk, there I would go.

So, on to the cure! I decided I would bite all of my nails except my left pinky nail. It took several months, but it finally grew out, and I could file it, and keep it nice. Then I added my left ring finger. I continued one finger at a time, for probably close to a year, when I was down to just my right index and thumb, and did both of those at once. It's been 10 years, and I haven't bitten since!" – AmyKatscher

Use cheap press-on nails to help your nail heal and grow.

Use cheap press-on nails to help your nail heal and grow.

"I began by putting on those cheap glue-on nails! They stay on for about a week, and after that my nails had a free edge that I felt guilty about biting." culturedclarinetist

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